TAM-LogoBoxFady R. Chaban - Reservoir Engineering Managing Consultant - President (Founder)                                                     NORTH AMERICA

Numerical Reservoir Simulation Reservoir Characterization, Management and SurveillanceTwenty (20) years of domestic and international experience as a reservoir engineer, incorporating subsurface, production and facilities knowledge to sustain productivity working with multidisciplinary teams and becoming a resourceful key element in any organization with strong emphasis in business profitability.

  • IOR (Waterflooding) and EOR
  • Tight Gas and Heavy Oil Reservoirs
  • Reserves Evaluation
  • Deepwater/Offshore development
  • Integrated Reservoir Management

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TAM-LogoBoxJesus E. Ernandez - Reservoir Engineering Principal Consultant - Engineering Director (Partner)                                                AMERICAS

Performance-driven Executive with over 25 years’ comprehensive achievements across Oil Industry, Production, Reservoir and Drilling disciplines, while leading projects and professional services operations more than 300 employees, more than 20 different companies and countries and over a $500 million budget per year. Leverage business acumen across diverse cultures and countries. Recognized for ability to motivate and create team work environment, as well as for the ability to successfully manage complex challenges. 

  • Team Building / Leadership
  • Reserves estimates
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Reservoir Integrated Studies
  • Production Contract Management
  • Drilling Engineer and Operations
  • Contract Management
  • Production Management
  • Project Management

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Carlos Molinares Blanco – Senior Geoscience Consultant                                                                                                                         SOUTH AMERICA

More than 10 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, identifying recompletion intervals, leads, prospects and play fairways. Proficient in 2D/3D onshore and offshore seismic interpretation, sequence stratigraphy, core description, biostratigraphy and well correlations. Energetic, creative, self-motivated and results oriented professional who enjoys a team work environment with diverse technical challenges

  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Integration of Core Description, SEM, XRD and Petrophysical data
  • Micropaleontological Analysis
  • Sequence Stratigraphy and Cronostratigraphic Frameworks
  • Geological mapping
  • 3D/2D seismic interpretation, well ties, seismic attributes
  • Seismic Inversion, AVO/AVA analysis
  • Prospect generation and risk evaluations

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TAM-LogoBoxFelix E. Gonzalez – Reservoir Engineering Consultant                                                                                                                EUROPE & ASIA

Reservoir Engineer Specialist with 20 years of experience within Oil and Gas Industry. Experience in
conventional and unconventional reservoirs for integrated reservoir management teams in Venezuela,
Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Kuwait, Rumania and USA.

  • Fluid flow in porous media
  • Reservoir engineering analysis
  • Decline curve analysis
  • Well test analysis
  • PVT and SCAL analysis
  • Subsurface risk assessment and uncertainties analysis
  • Reservoir-Geology Characterization
  • Reservoir Management, Well Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Numerical Reservoir Simulation

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Guido Ramos – Reservoir Engineering Consultant                                                                                                                        MEXICO & SOUTH AMERICA

Experience in reservoir studies, geological modeling and reservoir simulation. Discrete fracture network (DFN) and its automation. Database management for evaluation and monitoring of wells in several international assets 

  • Numerical Reservoir Simulation 
  • Integrated Reservoir Study
  • Discrete Fracture Newtwork modeling
  • History Match

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